Piermont's Papermill & Last Stop U.S.A.

By Nyack Village Theatre (other events)

Sunday, November 11 2018 2:00 PM 4:00 PM

On Veterans Day we present The Piermont Historical Society's 2 Award Winning Films on the rich history of Piermont, New York

Piermont's Papermill...Stories from The Factory

In 1901, Martin R. Williams erected the first paper mill in Piermont. The rail yards on the pier, built in 1840 by the Erie Railroad, provided transportation for supplies in and out of the village. Fresh water, needed to produce paper, was supplied from the nearby Sparkill Creek. The Piermont Paper Company began production in 1902 and for 18 years the plant produced cardboard. Its principal customer was the Robert Gair Company.

In 1920, Robert Gair purchased the mill. He had become a leader in the paper industry in Manhattan and Brooklyn after the Civil War. Gair’s discovery revolutionized modern society with cardboard boxes and paper fiber containers that replaced bulky wooden crates and barrels. Manufacturers saw the sides of boxes as valuable ad space to sell their brand.

and  "Last Stop USA: Piermont's Role During WWII."                                                                 The documentary focuses on the important role Camp Shanks and the Piermont Pier played in the defense of our country during World War II.

The film features interviews with local individuals who lived in Piermont at the time. By 1944, tens of thousands of troops were being sent overseas from the Camp Shanks. Most soldiers spent between 7 to 12 days awaiting deployment. Once Piermont Pier was reinforced and wood planking was laid, troops marched and rode trucks 4 miles to Piermont Pier where transport vessels at the newly built ferry slip awaited. From the Pier, the G.I.s were taken to New York Harbor where they were transfered to troopships to serve their country overseas. For many, Piermont was the last time the soldiers would set foot on American soil and became know as “Last Stop USA.”